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Comprehensive Life Care Planning

Our Comprehensive Life Care Plans include a summary of medical records to date (Medical Chronology), a synopsis of the patient’s present status regarding all symptoms, and an outline of treatments and services needed. Consultation with the medical team and evidence-based research is included to support all recommendations.

Life Care Planning Critique

A Life Care Plan Critique is an alternative plan of care, or a side-by-side comparison, of the recommendations and costs put forth by the plaintiff. Our goal is to equip defence counsel with our insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed plaintiff Life Care Plan.

Medical Cost Projections

A medical cost projection is a condensed report that forecasts all future cost of care needs. Sometimes called a Mini or Preliminary Life Care Plan , the report is clear and concise; and is based on review of the medical records.

Life Care Planning Education

The team at Harmony Life Care Planning Inc. are available to provide education to the legal community regarding Life Care Planning. We have workshops, In-Services, Report Analysis, and more. To inquire about our availability for future speaking engagements, please contact us.

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